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GCF readiness expertise

Æquilibrium Consulting GmbH offers the following experience and expertise in the area of Green Climate Fund (GCF) readiness:

  • Since operationalization of the GCF in 2013, Æquilibrium Consulting GmbH successfully implemented (some work is ongoing) GCF readiness consulting assignments in Albania, Bangladesh, Egypt, Ethiopia, Ghana, Grenada, Indonesia, Kenya, the Maldives, Moldova, Mongolia, Namibia and Zambia. In addition, Æquilibrium Consulting GmbH was involved in a high profile project with a strong GCF relevance in PR China. These assignments focus(ed) on NIE accreditation, NDA strengthening, development of national GCF investment strategies, GCF Project Concept / Full Proposal development and/or training focused on GCF operations and climate finance.
  • Æquilibrium Consulting’s Principal has established, active personal contacts with several current and previous GCF Board members. In addition, we can count on established, active personal contacts with members of the advisor teams of several GCF Board members.
  • Fully aware of all documents currently published at the GCF website, including in particular all Board preparatory documents and Board decisions. Therefore, Æquilibrium Consulting GmbH is fully aware of all aspects of the GCF’s business model and policies, including in particular all aspects related to the requirements for National Designated Authorities (NDAs) and the accreditation of National Implementing Entities (NIEs). Our knowledge is also based on experience gained during various consulting assignments as detailed below.
  • In the past 20+ years, Æquilibrium Consulting’s Principal worked with/for over 60 national public environmental/climate financing mechanisms (predominantly national and subnational Environmental or Climate Funds) in approximately 50 countries. Some of these institutions have been accredited by the GCF as NIEs, some are in the process of being accredited and some are considering NIE accreditation.

Æquilibrium Consulting’s GCF related project experience since 2012 includes:

  • 2016: Team Leader for the project “Institutional Strengthening and Capacity Building of Indonesia’s NDA to Access GCF Readiness Funds”. The project deliverables include: Elaboration of a GCF readiness request and readiness proposal in the areas NDA strengthening and development of country programme; Assessment of gaps the Indonesian NDA structure currently has in relation to GCF requirements for NDAs; Recommendations for institutional and governance arrangements for Indonesia’s NDA structure, incl. drafting of regulation for a NDA Secretariat and key NDA procedures; Provision of training to Indonesian NDA staff and NIE candidate staff on key GCF operational policies; Outline of the NDA’s initial dedicated website; Interim procedures for NDA data management; Elaboration of the interim NDA no-objection procedure; Elaboration of the interim NDA NIE nomination procedure; Recommendations on procedures and advisory services related to handling project ideas, project Concept Notes and Full Proposals submitted to the NDA; Elaboration of interim NDA stakeholder engagement procedures.
  • 2016: Elaboration of a climate change adaptation strategy for the tourism industry sector of the Maldives. Elaboration of an outline of a GCF Project Concept Note for a Maldives Tourism Mitigation and Adaptation Project.
  • 2016: GCF specialist for a GCF readiness project in Kenya that will elaborate a GCF funding proposal. Provided a training workshop for Kenyan NIE and NDA representatives focusing on project development.
  • 2016: Team Leader to develop legislation and operational procedures for a new Energy Efficiency Fund in Albania. An important goal of the work is to ensure that legislation and operational procedures will allow the Fund to get accredited as a GCF NIE and access EU support funds eventually.
  • 2016: Assessed two GCF NIE candidates in Grenada for their current level of compliance with GCF NIE accreditation standards and elaborated recommendations to address gaps and a road map leading to NIE accreditation.
  • 2016: Elaboration of a GCF readiness road map for Indonesia's GCF NDA.
  • 2015-6: Elaborated a synthesis/policy paper summarizing the results of the UNDP Maldives “Tourism Adaptation Project”. The work involved the formulation of policy recommendations related to climate change adaptation in Maldives' tourism sector.
  • 2015-6: GCF specialist in a team tasked with the development of a large GCF project Concept Note and Full Proposal for the Government of Ethiopia.
  • 2015: International expert to develop a strategy and proposal to establish a South-South Cooperation Fund on Climate Change (SSCF), a new international climate Fund proposed by the Government of PR China. The work included elaboration of strategies to link the SSCF with the GCF.
  • 2015-6: Team Leader for a project to support the Indonesia Climate Change Trust Fund in its accreditation as a GCF NIE.
  • 2015: Elaboration of a gap assessment for the Indonesia Climate Change Trust Fund against the NIE accreditation standards of the GCF.
  • 2015: Consultant to elaborate a draft new version of the Administration Agreement of the Bangladesh Climate Change Resilience Fund (BCCRF) in the context of a potential future BCCRF accreditation as a GCF NIE.
  • 2014: Consultant to provide a climate finance training course as part of the 2015 meeting of the Arab Water Council in Cairo, Egypt. The training course focused on climate change adaptation finance in water management, operations & access to various bilateral and multilateral climate finance mechanisms as well as GCF operations, access, NIE accreditation and readiness.
  • 2014: Consultant to assist with preparing the Environmental Conservation Fund of Mongolia (ECF) for GCF NIE accreditation. Provision of a two days training event for government climate change focal points and representatives of selected Mongolian commercial banks focusing on GCF operational procedures.
  • 2014: Delivered a training course on GCF operational policies for representatives of various Moldovan Ministries, candidate NIEs and other interested stakeholders.
  • 2014: Consultant to produce a draft legal framework and an operational manual which meet international best practices (including GCF NIE accreditation standards) and country related prerequisites for establishing the proposed new Ghana Green Fund.
  • 2014: Consultant to prepare a gap analysis for the Environmental Conservation Fund of Mongolia (ECF) against the NIE accreditation standards of the GCF and the Adaptation Fund. Elaborated a roadmap for the ECF leading to Adaptation Fund and GCF accreditation.
  • 2014: Consultant to provide peer review and technical advice services for the Namibian Environmental Investment Fund (EIF), including the development of new EIF legislation. One important goal in designing new legislation was that the EIF can be accredited as a GCF NIE. The EIF was accredited by the GCF Board in 2015.
  • 2014: Participation in a Climate Finance Training of Trainers Seminar, focusing on a new training tool developed by GIZ and Adelphi Research on climate finance readiness, targeting technical experts and decision makers from developing countries and emerging economies.
  • 2014: Provision of a training session on Environmental Fiscal Reform (EFR) with a focus on “EFR and GCF readiness” at the occasion of a World Bank/GIZ organized Workshop “Pathways to Green Growth” to held in DR Congo bringing together ca. 120 green growth experts from numerous African countries.
  • 2013-4: Consultant to advise the Zambian Government on assigning Zambia’s National Designated Authority, as well as identifying potential NIE candidates.
  • 2013-4: Consultant to elaborate the strategic framework for establishing a Ghana Green Fund as part of the Environmental Fiscal Reform work plan of the Government of Ghana. Close cooperation with the Ministries of Finance and Environment, as well as additional stakeholders. Ensured that the proposed Fund eventually complies with GCF NIE accreditation requirements.
  • 2012-3: Consultant to assist with establishing the Maldives Green Fund, a Fund that focuses on climate change mitigation/adaptation, biodiversity & nature protection, waste management and water investment. The work included the elaboration of Fund legislation, Fund revenue sources and operational policies (governance arrangements, staff profiles, project cycle management procedures, short/long term spending strategies, promotional/outreach policies, fiduciary standards). Legislation and operating procedures were developed such that they are compatible with Adaptation Fund NIE accreditation requirements, as well as emerging requirements for GCF NIE accreditation.